Discontinued Products Series Discontinued Controllers Type

DetailsDate DiscontinuedExtended Service PeriodService AvailabilityUpgrade ModelControllers
RDX/RDP August 2015August 2022ContinuedRDV-X/RDV-P None
RCX240 December 2019December 2026ContinuedRCX340 None
TS-S January 2015December 2022ContinuedTS-S2 None
DRCX December 2012December 2019ContinuedConsult with local representative None
ERCX December 2011December 2018ContinuedConsult with local representative None
PRC1/ PRC2 December 2009December 2016ContinuedConsult with local representative None
RCX141 December 2008December 2015ContinuedRCX240 None
RCX142 December 2008December 2015ContinuedRCX240 None
RCX142-T December 2008December 2015ContinuedConsult with local representative None
SRCX April 2008April 2015DiscontinuedSR1-X None
SRCD April 2008April 2015DiscontinuedSR1-X None
TRCX April 2008April 2015DiscontinuedConsult with local representative None
RCX40 October 2005October 2012DiscontinuedRCX240 None
QRCX March 2002March 2009DiscontinuedRCX240 None
SRCH January 2002January 2009DiscontinuedConsult Local Representative None
DRCH January 2002January 2009DiscontinuedConsult Local Representative None