Robonity-Motorless Series Advanced Single Axis Ball Screw Type

Tech Specs
Maximum payload: 2kg to 160kg
Maximum speed: 300 to 2,400mm/sec
Stroke: 50 to 1,450mm

DetailsBall Screw LeadStrokeMax Payload Horizontal Max Payload VerticalAdaptable MotorDimensions (W x H)Controllers
 LGXS05 20/10/5 mm50-800 mm5/8/13 kg2/4/8 kg50 W48 mm x 65 mm None
 LGXS05L 20/10/5 mm50-800 mm12/24/32 kg3/6/12 kg100 W48 mm x 65 mm None
 LGXS07 30/20/10/5 mm50-1100 mm10/25/45/85 kg2/4/8/16 kg100 W70 mm x 76.5 mm None
 LGXS10 30/20/10/5 mm100-1250 mm25/40/80/100 kg4/8/20/30 kg200 W100 mm x 99.5 mm None
 LGXS12 30/20/10/5 mm100-1250 mm33/50/95/115 kg8/15/25/45 kg400 W125 mm x 101 mm None
 LGXS16 40/20/10 mm100-1450 mm45/95/130 kg12/28/55 kg750 W160 mm x 130 mm None
 LGXS20 40/20/10 mm100-1450 mm65/130/160 kg15/35/65 kg750 W200 mm x 140 mm None