Robot Application Examples

Conveyor (2 parts simultaneously)

Conveyance with high efficiency using double arms.

  • With 2 Z axes made available by using Cartesian XZ, reduction of both of the total tact time and installation space is intended.
  • Customization only possible because a highly rigid frame and guide are used.

Application of adhesive agent

Application of adhesive agent within a large size liquid crystal surface processing unit.

  • Capable of handling large size workpieces.
  • Also applicable to cutting work with a cutter, surface check with a camera, etc.

IC palletizing within the unit

ICs are taken out of the pallet and parts are transferred to the specified place by the XYZ Cartesian robot.

Application as a part of the machine used in the process where a die is attached to the circuit board using thermocompression bonding in the manufacture of semi-conductors.

  • Using the RCX controller, it is possible to use the result of the operation based on variables during palletizing.
  • The speed of both X and Y axes is 1875mm / sec which is 1.5 times as fast as the conventional model (t series) .

Tester (2 Cartesian robots controlled simultaneously)

Use as a tester in the post-process of manufacturing electronic parts.

  • 2 units of SXYx are operated using 1 unit of RCX144 and with settings for 2 robots.
  • The vertical traveling accuracy of XY axes of both 2 units of SXYx is within +/- 0.05mm.


Application of sealant to mating faces of the case.

  • Three dimensional application using 3 axes cartesian robot.
  • Cartesian robot incorporated with special purpose machine.

Transfer and stacking device within the unit

Used in the sheet metal processing unit.

  • X1 and X2 axes are superposed for space efficiency.
  • The unit layout is easy even for the doubled stroke.


Application of adhesive agent to drum.

  • The reinforced R axis makes three dimensional interpolation action + R action possible.
  • As each axis is highly rigid, it can easily cope with harsh conditions of such as moving arm, etc. (at 100mm / sec)

Insertion unit ( Tare weight cancellation using moving Z + air balancer )

Heavy workpiece inserted in the pallet, etc.

Heavy workpiece before processing set in the processing machine.

  • Z axis moving type: The heavy workpiece is cancelled by the air balancer and moved up and down.

Assembler & tester base machine (Simultaneous operation at upper and lower levels)

Tester (upper and lower probes, camera with lighting). Precision spot welding machine

Simultaneous assembly at upper and lower levels (caulking parts, screw tightening).

  • Simultaneous control of 2 cartesian robots.
  • Levelness of upper and lower robots assured (custom specification).

Check camera moving unit

Checking with moving camera.

Multi-point check with a camera. Drawing created with line sensor and moving axes.

  • Little variation in speed.
  • Compact size.

Ink jet printer

Ink jet feeding mechanism.

  • No variation in the speed of movement.
  • Capable of coping with a request for high speed. (Max. 2,500 / sec)
  • High acceleration capacity and larger uniform speed section available.

Chip mounter

Bonding and chip mounting on circuit board. Electronic part mounting process.

  • Double carrier structure enabled compact size.
  • Layout design is easy as different workpieces can be carried onto the same axis.
  • Clean specification requirement can be coped with easily.

Check device

Handling to multiple number of check devices.

  • 2 heads can be installed to the same axis compactly.
  • High speed operation.

Open / close device

Wide open/close of shutter.

  • It is possible to drive a work with a large width ( shutter ) using the dual drive method.
  • Various advantages ( such as center layout, higher open / close speed, sharing of effective stroke ) are available due to adoption of the double carrier mechanism.
  • Driving with the dual drive mechanism is available by placing 2 units of double carrier phasers in parallel and fixing them with sliders respectively.
  • RCX143 can control 4 axes in all.

Precision part assembler (1)

Assembly of small size precision parts.

  • High speed assembly.
  • Narrow installation width.

Precision part assembler (2)

Assembly of small size precision parts.

  • Speed increased even more when used in combination with a rotary table.

Finished product inspection, touch-panel type evaluation machine

Finished product function test. Developed software evaluation. Push-button type quality check.

  • Full line-up from YK120X to YK1200X is unrivaled by other manufacturers and can cope with various systems.
  • Space saving.
  • Using SCARA, judgment is made through image processing by pushing each button.

Mask for wafer being conveyed

Wafer mask replaced from the stocker.

  • Clean specification plus inverse structure prevents the driving part from coming over the workpiece.
  • If the cylindrical coordinate type robot is used, a running axis is necessary for this application. However, if SCARA with the interpolation function is used, the fixed type is usable.

Assembly cell (independent cell)

Base machine of line type assembly cell.

  • Optimum for multi type variable quantity production.
  • Setting up reception places forms a construction of multiple number of cells.

Assembly cell (line cell)

Base machine of independent type assembly cell.

  • Utilization of advantages of SCARA with a wide operation range.
  • It is possible to construct a line with free length by connection.

Assembly cell (Handling unit for special purpose tester)

When placed between 2 turn tables, handling of both tables is possible.

  • Utilization of advantages of SCARA which has a wide operation range.

Clean, dustproof, dripproof, high-speed conveying unit

Transfer and conveyance in the clean environment. Transfer and conveyance in the harsh environment.

  • Belt drive type robot complying with cleanliness requirement.
  • With a large load weight capacity, it is optimum for conveying panels.
  • Provided with specifications for cleanliness and applicable to long stroke.
  • With the load weight capacity and moment permissible value at high level, it is applicable to the cartesian combination.
  • Equivalent to B10 (YAMAHA model).

Contact stopper height change unit

Change of stopper height in multiple number of steps.

  • The stop position for the stopper block is positioned by the cylinder type robot.
  • It is possible to make set-up done by single touch operation or automatically.

Screw tightening device

Tightening screws arranged on a straight line.

  • High rigidity with a support axis added.
  • Pitch selectable freely in the moving axis direction.

Device to shift workpiece in width direction

Positioning of workpieces flowing on the conveyor.

  • Arrangement of multiple number of compact robots.
  • Pulse string control from the upper controller.

Press-fitting device

Workpieces are press-fitted in holes arranged on a straight line.

  • Highly rigid frame.
  • Applicable to work positions arranged linearly.

O-ring fitting device

Handling workpieces to assembly units arranged on a straight line.

  • Assembly jigs arranged on a straight line under the single axis robot.